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We Want to Share Our Love for Fashion and Beauty

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What Inspired Us to Create Fashion Beauty Runway

Fashion Beauty Runway emerged from a profound desire to curate a space dedicated to beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Our goal transcends mere content creation from a personal point of view; we aspire to weave intricate narratives, craft insightful articles, and capture evocative imagery that resonate deeply with you. We view fashion and beauty as avenues for self-expression, individuality, and creativity. Our platform is a celebration of authenticity, diversity, and passion, inviting you to explore, the many deep-rooted aspects of fashion and beauty. Some call it lifestyle, but we like to think of it as The Art of Being Alive.
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Tailor-Made Just For You

We craft stories that ring true

We believe that true style and beauty are genderless, ageless, fearless, inclusive, and meant to be enjoyed by people of every skintone and belief. Our ultimate reward is for you to feel empowered by what we showcase; to leave you with a sense of wonder and excitement about all the beautiful things that exist in the world.

Because We’re Based in Canada

We make it a point to showcase Canadian designers, creators and ideators. We believe that Canada’s unique landscape is a fertile ground for creativity and cutting-edge design, which deserves recognition on both a national and international stage. However, our quest for inspiration doesn’t stop at home. We are constantly exploring the world’s fashion capitals and must-see runways to bring global trends and perspectives into the spotlight.

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Meet the Co-founder

Yasmin Grothé

Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Fashion Beauty Runway, Yasmin Grothé is an accomplished lifestyle journalist and multi-platform content producer with a lifelong passion for fashion. Known for her engaging storytelling, she has built a successful career examining and publishing articles, photos, and social media posts on the latest fashion and beauty trends. She balances her professional writing with a penchant for meticulously editing her occasional poems and collages.
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Meet the Co-founder

Philippe Paquin

Co-Founder and Strategy Director of Fashion Beauty Runway, Philippe Paquin is a multitalented dynamic creative and problem-solver committed to communicating information effectively and crafting sustainable and beautiful online experiences. With an innate flair for trend-spotting and digital innovation, they both curate a platform celebrating diversity in fashion seamlessly blending creativity and strategy, anticipating the next wave in Canadian fashion, beauty, and accessories.

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