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Everything You Need to Know About the Baroque Bob Haircut  

fashion beauty runway everything you need to know about the baroque bob haircut

What is a baroque bob? Hint: it has nothing to do with classical music composer Bach or a complicated boyfriend, but everything to do with style!

Just when we thought we’d seen all the possible types of bob haircuts: from blunt bobs to the Italian bob, to the French bob, to inverted bobs — and who can forget the lob?!— another iteration has entered the chat. According to Google trends and hairstyling experts around the globe, the “baroque bob” is set to be one of the biggest hairstyles of 2024. And that’s why you’ll want to chop your long hair this spring! 

The baroque bob is amazing for those blessed with beautiful curls or texture who want to get away from the unforgiving flat iron. When it comes to healthier hair, the air-dried method is gaining momentum — just look at Taylor Swift at the Grammys who went ‘au naturel’ for her hairstyle. 

According to Mark Santarossa, a Redken Canadian hairstylist who has been a finalist in numerous hairstyling competitions and is co-owner of Ego salon in Brampton, Ontario, “the baroque bob is a great option for someone who wants to inject loads of style to their hair to match their very fashionable look in clothes. We’re so used to seeing long hair, but sometimes it lacks shape. What’s great about the baroque bob is that it has a clean, crisp line at the bottom and you can have big, messy curls on the top. So, essentially, you’re blending clean lines and texture to create a whole new look that has tons of power and personality.” 

Plus, a bob looks great on everyone. Because the cut can be so varied and adaptable to every type of hair and colour. 

fashion beauty runway everything you need to know about the baroque bob haircut 2

OK, But What About the Name? 

The term ‘baroque’ generally refers to 17th and 18th century art, painting, architecture (and, of course, music) overflowing with elaborate details. Just think of those imposing buildings in cities like Paris or Rome, and paintings that are rich with blooming flowers and lavish, extravagant elements.

Ultimately, when it comes to hair, a baroque bob is simply a blunt-cut bob that hovers just above the shoulders. But what makes it radically different is the styling, which really sets it apart from other bobs. So think big, sculpted waves and a smooth finish. (Essentially, it’s the exactly opposite of glass hair.) Yes, that also means it’s slightly reminiscent of a short wavy haircut from the 1960s. Subtle shiny waves that created the quintessential chic look that was super popular for suburban housewives in the North America of the era. 

Who Is It For? 

This contemporary take on old Hollywood hairstyle is poised to dominate the fashion and beauty scene this year, seamlessly balancing the classic and the avant-garde. Just look at how fab Zendaya looks with her show-stopping baroque bob

Which is an indication that this type of haircut is ideal for curly and textured hair with lots of natural movement. The baroque bob is a chic and classic bob haircut with a modern twist. It features a shorter length with layers and texture, often styled with a soft, tousled finish, giving it a softer, more romantic look. It’s bouncy, voluminous, and works on a variety of hair types and textures.

Bonus: It’s low maintenance and super easy to style. Despite some bobs having a bad rep for being difficult to style if they’re straight and boxy, the baroque bob is anything but! In fact, it’s perfect for hair that has movement, or for subtle undulations. It’s also a great haircut if you’re transitioning from super short to longer hair, or if you want to try out a shorter style.

fashion beauty runway everything you need to know about the baroque bob haircut 3

Styling Tips 

“This is a great haircut for people with fine hair whose ends are literally going to nothing, says Mark. They can get that kind of volume and thickness, while also saving time in the morning when they’re styling their hair. You just grab some pieces at the top and create curls, and tuck them behind the ears to get this really glam look, super fast.” 

The length can be tailored to your preference whether it hits at the chin or slightly longer. The maintenance required will depend on how fast your hair grows. So aiming for a salon visit every six to eight weeks for a trim is a good average. 

“Bobs don’t require a big commitment because the hair is not super layered. So they’re pretty easy to grow out. With a combination of low maintenance, the grow out is actually great,” says Mark. 

It’s the styling that gives the baroque bob its unique look, so it’s important to start out with the right products. Try a leave-in conditioner which also doubles as a heat protectant.

Next: Mousse, to give the hair a lot of volume and that fluffiness. After blow-drying, you can use a curling iron to intensify the curls. You can even go for that 90s look that’s currently so on trend. Then, brush it all out.

“The hair can be sleek and super straight, or use a curling iron to create a big soft look. If you have natural texture, a diffuser if your BFF. Alternately, you can also use – (essentially, a blow drying brush). So this haircut will give you different looks that are extremely fast to achieve.” 

Other than that, see how your hair behaves and follow you stylists’ recommendations. And have fun being glam! 

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