The Ultimate Blowout Guide from a Canadian Gama Professional Hairstylist 

fashion beauty runway the ultimate blowout guide from a canadian gama professional hairstylist

We’ve all been there. Those mornings when it’s not just a bad hair day: it’s a catastrophic hair day. 

Now, instead of hiding under a cute Dior bucket hat or a maximalist Gucci silk scarf, before the misaligned beauty goal cascades into a day from pure fashion hell, take a deep breath and follow these pro hairstylist tips from Toronto-based Alexander Cordeiro, North American ambassador for Gama Professional , using the incredibly light but high-performance IQ Perfetto hair dryer.

Trust us, these tips are super easy to implement, even if you don’t think you’re skilled. With the right blow dryer, you too, can make hair magic happen! 

fashion beauty runway best blowout tips alexander cordeiro styling
Alexander Cordeiro, North American ambassador for Gama Professional

The Right Shampoo is The First Step

According to Alexander, the first step to a stunning blowout is a proper shampoo. That’s the one phase where you will be able to get rid of any hairstyling product residue. “No matter what type of shampoo you use on a regular basis, you should always add a clarifying shampoo once a week to get rid of the extra-moisturizing ingredients that are present in some products. And always double-cleanse to get the maximum longevity on the blowout,” he recommends. 

Condition hair as usual. When you’re out of the shower, gently wrap hair with a microfibre towel to wick out moisture. “Always avoid rubbing the hair back and forth, as it can easily break the wet strands. Not to mention it’s really bad for naturally curly hair.” Next, apply a good leave-in conditioner, which will make your hair supple and soft, while locking-in moisture. 

If you have long hair and have been bypassing a blow-dry lotion or blowout cream, you’ve been seriously missing out on an important step to give your long locks an extra dose of conditioning comfort. “It gives hair some slip and manageability, while the hair oil provides more lubrication and gives added benefits against heat. You really don’t need an extra heat protectant, but only at day two or three if you want to style your hair again, using your blow dryer,” says Alexander.

fashion beauty runway best blowout tips gama professional iq perfetto rose gold

Ready to Achieve Salon-Worthy Hair?

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The Magic Ingredient: The Right Blow Dryer

Before starting to dry it, section the hair in quadrants, from ear to ear and from the middle of head the to the back. “The star nozzle from the IQ Perfetto hair dryer from Gama Professional has been specially designed to reduced the pressure of air flow on thin hair, as to not stimulate oil production, which can lead to fine hair looking even thinner, and even limp,” explains Alexander. 

Also, to be noted, the IQ Perfetto is one of the fastest hair dryers on the market allowing you to achieve flawless styles in minutes, thanks to a powerful motor that’s powerful, yet surprisingly quiet. It’s a sleek and powerful hairstyling tool designed for professional-level performance. With its intelligent technology, this hair dryer delivers precise and efficient drying, leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and salon-perfect.

We also like its beautiful, super sleek, Italian design. And it’s even available in rose gold! What’s not to like?

“Always use a round brush when blowdrying your hair. Also, the bigger the round brush the less curl for smoother and straighter hair.” His best tip? Go slow. It’s better to spend the time when you’re styling your hair the first time, and then not have to redo it. Once the roots and the mid-sections are dry, go on the ends and then roll the brush out.

“Hair is really like fabric,” he says. “If you heat the hair you relax the bonds, so it becomes more supple. By not giving the hair enough time to become malleable, you’re not going to get those beautiful, fab results. The cool shot on the hair dryer is the one step that is going to lock-in the shine and the style you are giving it, because you’re sealing and tightening the cuticle. 

So make sure that you roll the hair into the brush when you’re cooling it down, too, so that the ‘memory’ of the shape holds. That’s what will give your blowout the longevity you want. 

Finishing and Maintaining the Look 

“What I love about the IQ Perfetto hair dryer from Gama Professional is that every one of them comes equipped with a really large diffuser in the kit. And that’s great for curly hair because it makes drying the hair easier without losing those great curls. Girls with natural curls love this feature,” says Alexander. 

However, if you have not been blessed with naturally beautiful bouncy curls,  but want some movement in your hair, you can add some velcro rollers once it’s dry, just in time for it to cool down.

For increased shine and a luxurious finish, simply add a few drops of oil while running your fingers through your hair.  If you wish to give your ‘do some hold, add a little bit of hairspray or a dry texture spray. 

And to give your perfect blowout more longevity, try this tip from Alexander: “I like to change things up a bit, so after a fresh blowout I use a bit of dry shampoo. As the oil starts to build up on your scalp during the week, you already have a bit of dry shampoo that will work to absorb the oils, while giving your hair a bit of texture and making sure it stays bouncy at the roots. 

Now, enjoy your stunning blowout! 

Featured Image: Alexander Cordeiro