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Everything You Need to Know About the Barbiecore Trend

Fashion Beauty Runway - Everything You Need to Know About the Barbiecore Trend 1

Since the array of pale pinks landed in 2015 with the advent of “millennium pink,” the soft shade’s popularity has only grown exponentially. In our wardrobes and our decor. Now pink has hit its apex again — but darker, more intense, and in your face — with the advent of the Barbiecore trend. And, yes, it’s still hotter than ever moving into fall weather.

OK, fine. But what does the Mattel doll has anything to do with this new fashion trend? And isn’t Barbie a little bit retro sex?

Fashion Beauty Runway - Everything You Need to Know About the Barbiecore Trend 2

Pussy Power

Many of the Barbie clothing and accessories have had light and hot pink since the doll was introduced in 1959. As for its sometimes questionable role model values, Barbie has become a lot more inclusive since Mattel, the corporation who created the doll, gave her a mega makeover in 2016. She’s now a doctor, a veterinarian, a real-estate agent. Even Dr. Jane Gooddal has her own Barbie, as part of the Inspiring Women series, which also includes Rosa Parks, Frida Kahlo and other great feminine icons.

Today, Barbie embodies the “we can be anything we want” ethos of Gen Z and Millennials. These are the women leading the strong fashion moment defined by hot pink minis, chunky platforms, acrylic nails and eyelash extensions. The “pink aesthetic’ influenced by everything Barbie is rapidly gaining momentum while bridging fashion, feminism, diversity and political power.

Hey, even Nicki Minaj has been channelling Barbie’s style for the last decade, even calling her fans “Barbz’”. In 2021 she stated that she’s the “f**kin’ Black barbie”. And at the latest edition of the VMAs, she was full out embodying the Barbiecore aesthetic with her pink wigs, dresses and accessories.

Remember the “pussyhats” of the 2017 Women’s March? The seed was already there. And since then, pink has exploded on the runways and on social. Hundreds of Barbiecore Pinterest boards have been created since 2019, and in 2022 the term has been a trending hashtag on TikTok, with nearly 15 million views. It’s also seen a high volume on Etsy, where hot pink fashion items searches have been up 35% this summer.

Although hot pink is the preferred one, other shades such as bubblegum and fuchsia also embody the Barbiecore vibe. Of course, every major fashion line has been manufacturing and promoting a “Barbie” vibe, of some kind via a playful pink palette. Don’t want to spend a ton of cash on this transient trend? Your friendly neighbourhood second-hand store emporium will certainly cater to your Barbiecore desires. Direct your GPS to the closest Value Village or Renaissance and you’re on your way.

Fashion Beauty Runway - Everything You Need to Know About the Barbiecore Trend 3

The Runway and the Movie

For fall/winter 2022-2023, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli for Italian label Valentino created an entire collection built around one single shade of pink, in collaboration with the Pantone Color Institute. This is Barbiecore elevated to couture territory, without any of the glitzy shine or garish rhinestones.

Canadian designer Hilary MacMillan has just inked a deal with Mattel, Barbie’s parent company, for a brand-new collab. The 15-piece ‘Shades of Pink’ collection includes 11 pieces, and some of the items rework the’ designer’s best-selling styles and silhouettes using Barbie’s iconic pink palette. Mattel says they chose to partner with MacMillan because of her impact on the Canadian fashion industry as a game changer and pioneer in both size inclusive and vegan fashion. Right on point.

At the latest edition of the Met gala in May 2022, many celebrities chose the PP Pink for their red carpet look, including Sebastian Stan, with a pink overcoat, matching long sleeve shirt, bomber jacket and trousers. Because the look is super hot for guys, too.

Lil Nas X has always loved an all-pink look, from his Versace cowboy suit from the Grammys in 2020, to now when he has partnered with American brand Coach to design the costumes of his new Montero tour with includes sparkling pink football pants, matching pink sneakers, and a cropped pink football vest.

Another reason Barbiecore is super hot right now? The movie “Barbie” with Margot Robbie playing the role of the iconic doll ever since photos of her and Ryan Goslin (her Ken) were captured on the set in June. Both were, expectedly, decked out in fuchsia and neon tones. The movie will roll out sometime in 2023.

And between now and then, Barbiecore will continue leading the way on runways, social and red carpets. But remember there are two versions of Barbiecore: couture and TikTok. Which one will you choose? Happy hot pink!

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