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Is Millennial Pink Still a Magical Thing?

Fashion Beauty Runway - Is Millennial Pink Still A Magical Thing - Millenial Pink Shoes

Face it. Millennial pink is not going away any time soon. Even though in 2020 it shows off its uplifting, positive vibe in different shades of rosé, and even interprets its feel-good energy by way of peach and coral. 

“The colour pink brings out our positive emotions. It’s fresh, enveloping and comforting. It was a favourite of 19th century impressionist painters. Pink brings us back to the innocence of childhood. It’s usually associated with peace, gentleness, sensuality and love. And pink will surely soothe us in 2020,” says Guylaine Martel, L’Oréal Professional Canada Artistic Ambassador and International Artist.

It’s still here, enduring and comforting, since it got lift-off the second Rose Quartz was named one of the two Pantone colours of the year in 2016. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says pale pink represents “a balance of strength and softness. People want to show they are strong, but also loving.” 

Cue-in Drake and his pale pink puffer here. 

Hair: Guylaine Martel; Makeup: Marika D’Auteuil; Fashion Styling: Pascal & Jeremie;
Accesory: Xue Liang; Photo: Alain Comtois 

Wes Anderson’s Perfect Pink World 

Some say the obsession with this tender pastel started with director Wes Anderson’s cult movie Grand Budapest Hotel (2014), in which the many nuances of blush appear in countless scenes. 

Still incredulous about the momentous shift in colour palettes palatability? Well, look no further than the launch of the iPhone 6S in Rose Gold, way back in September 2015 which, incidentally, coincided with the big trend for rose gold hair that was all over Instagram.

But actually, our love story with dusty pink, pastel rose and salmon roe goes way back to the fifties (yes I know, the digital equivalent of the Jurassic age!). That’s when housewives picked pink home appliances, from fridge to radio, for their atomic-age kitchens. 

The Eighties and the Memphis Group 

In the 80’s, there was a huge resurgence in pastels and 50’s retro (some would say kitsch) details, thanks to the rise of the post-modern aesthetic in architecture and design spearheaded by Italian visionary group Memphis and its founder, Ettore Sottsass. 

Simply put, the look was a hybrid between Pee-Wee’s Playhouse and Miami Vice. All fun and games with squiggly lines and splashes of pink, aqua, and canary yellow. Add some terrazzo finishes for a bit of texture, and there’s an – OK, oversimplified — recipe for the success behind Memphis. 

But now that mid-century modern has hit a peak, and all its teak, straight lines, and sleek design, it makes sense that we want something more playful and fun, but still infused with a strong retro vibe. 

Even Le Creuset, the chichi brand of lively coloured enameled cast-iron cookware made in France, jumped on the bandwagon when it launched a collection of cooking dishes and pretty ceramic kitchen accessories dipped in the palest, prettiest Millennial Pink. 

Gallery at Sketch London, the most instagrammable restaurant in the world

Sexy Gucci 

Ah, the seventies… When sensuality was rampant, fashion wasn’t terrified of the nipple, and chiffon ruled the runway. This is the 70’s vibe Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, is tapping into with his collections since he was appointed in 2015. The mood is slightly retro, dripping with detailing and ornamentation, delicate flower prints. And, of course, pink! 

According to Pascal & Jeremie, a well-known duo of Producers, Artistic Directors and Fashion Stylists of the most dazzling professional beauty shows and events in North America, “Millennial Pink, also known as Tumblr Pink, is fun, calming and nostalgic all at once. It took the fashion world by storm and became the ironic colour that will not go away. We all need strength, prettiness and its uplifting qualities in these uncertain times. And if you can also make it sparkle, it would make it even more spectacular!” 

To go out in style and become completely swathed in a shower of beautiful pink shades, the place to go is the Gallery at Sketch London, a restaurant and bar designed by India Mahdavi in a glorious palette of pink walls and rosé velvet chairs that has become one of the most Instagrammable places in the world. 

Millenial pink is actually tinted with beige and has a subtle greyish tint. Maybe that’s what makes it so gender-neutral. And, well, pretty. Because we all like feeling pretty, right? Ya, even Drake… 

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