Dime, a Montreal streetwear and skateboarding brand, stands out for its high-quality, original clothing and skateboards. With a focus on durability and style, Dime’s apparel, from graphic tees to accessories, caters to skaters and fashion lovers. Their skateboards, known for unique, humorous designs, are both functional and collectible, crafted from premium wood for performance and longevity. Deeply integrated into local skate culture, Dime organizes community events and collaborations.

Founded by Antoine Asselin and Phil Lavoie (and some friends), Dime’s ’90s-inspired videos have cultivated a nostalgic yet innovative image, earning a dedicated following. Their flagship store on St Laurent Boulevard in Montreal reflects their minimalist, product-focused ethos, becoming a gathering spot for the skate and fashion community. Dime’s fusion of skate culture and modern fashion, alongside their commitment to design and community, has solidified their industry presence, inspiring continued leadership at the intersection of skating and style.

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3632 Saint-Laurent