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What is a baroque bob? Hint: it has nothing to do with classical music composer Bach or a complicated boyfriend, but everything to do with style! Just when we thought we’d seen all the possible types of bob haircuts: from blunt

Just as Prada’s ugly chic completely changed the face of fashion in the 90s with mismatched prints, clunky sandals, and dowdy greens and browns, there is a taste for wackiness currently seeping into the most coveted clothing and accessories for

It started making timid red carpet appearances around Y2K and, in the last ten years, the cadence has accelerated not only at celebrity-studded events and fashion functions, but equally at parties and music festivals. Truth be told: we’re full on

There is this nonsensical myth that if you’re frugal, you’ll end up looking like all your ratty clothes came out of a garbage bin from The Salvation Army, and that your style is not only poor, it’s completely tasteless. Basically,

Ah, glass skin! That elusive, difficult to obtain incredibly smooth, super dewy, and luminous finish that literally looks like a sheet of glass. It started showing up around 2017 on the Korean beauty scene and then achieved star status all

Step aside fleeces and casual wear. It’s time for men to dress up. Yes, again! And, finally, you might be thinking, if you’re a true fashion aficionado who thrives on wanting to look your very best at every opportunity.  After

Fashion is evolving at hyper speed. Mainly because Internet culture is warping the cycle, acting as a liaison and allowing us to voice our style and creating echoes within shared communities. The boom of hyper-feminine looks and micro trends all

The Pantone Color Institute has declared 2024 the year of ‘peach fuzz’, while London-based trend forecasting agency WGSN had predicted we’d all swoon for ‘apricot crush’ this year, way back in 2022. Curious that these two purveyors of future elements

Gstaad? Courchevel? Val d’Isère? Is it more Whistler or Tremblant? Whatever your winter playground destination this year, alpine chic reigns supreme since ski slopes have long provided the perfect blank canvas for fashion’s more dramatic looks. Perhaps that’s because winter

Well, the great news is that we survived the roller coaster of micro-aesthetics from 2023! From pantless evening attire to foregoing flashy logos on über-expensive accessories (yes, we’re absolutely referring to quiet luxury, here), to bows literally adorning everything from

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