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When dress sneakers start sneaking into the Oval Office in Washington for formal meetings with US president Joe Biden, you know it’s time truly bold fashion ideas start running into the opposite direction. Because novelty is what drives footwear designed

Pharrell Williams’ diamond-studded shades from Tiffany, totalling over 20 carats, are a gazillion light years away from the first sun-shielding devices made from walrus ivory and worn by the Inuit. Between protection, proper vision and fashion there are a myriad

From the Baguette to the Neverfull, handbags have come to encapsulate the season’s trends better than any accessory. As the sun rises on summer 2023, there’s a bag for every mood, event, and outfit.  Fashion Beauty Runway takes a deep

Over the past year, opera gloves (the extra-long model that goes way above the elbow and stops just short of the underarm) have been showing up repeatedly on catwalks, premieres, and awards shows. And on your feeds, too. Of course.

If the days when a woman had to wait for a man to buy her a diamond ring are over (buh-bye the patriarchy!), is the evolution in mentalities also shifting from natural mined diamonds to those produced in a lab?

Let’s face it. We’ve all grown accustomed to wearing head and face coverings in the last three years. But the (almost) full head covering that is not associated with any religion started showing up in 2018 when Demna Gvasalia, currently

Step aside, sneakers. The new stars in the casual footwear category have a surprisingly traditional, streamlined silhouette, and they’re going viral on TikTok. You can blame the current infatuation for the slip-on footwear on the first mass-market footwear creation of

In the era of non-fungible tokens (NFT), virtual Gucci sneaker drops, TikTok fashion shows, and, despite all the opportunities offered by the plethora of digital platforms, coffee table books are another channel that’s gaining ground through which to experience fashion.

Well, it’s pretty safe to say high heels have been relegated to the very back of the closet. In the last year, how many of us have worn any footwear other than sneakers, slides and mules? Oh, OK, and maybe

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