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There is this nonsensical myth that if you’re frugal, you’ll end up looking like all your ratty clothes came out of a garbage bin from The Salvation Army, and that your style is not only poor, it’s completely tasteless. Basically,

Fashion is evolving at hyper speed. Mainly because Internet culture is warping the cycle, acting as a liaison and allowing us to voice our style and creating echoes within shared communities. The boom of hyper-feminine looks and micro trends all

Gstaad? Courchevel? Val d’Isère? Is it more Whistler or Tremblant? Whatever your winter playground destination this year, alpine chic reigns supreme since ski slopes have long provided the perfect blank canvas for fashion’s more dramatic looks. Perhaps that’s because winter

Well, the great news is that we survived the roller coaster of micro-aesthetics from 2023! From pantless evening attire to foregoing flashy logos on über-expensive accessories (yes, we’re absolutely referring to quiet luxury, here), to bows literally adorning everything from

Ah, it’s already Christmas Eve. What, another year gone by? It feels like groundhog day. Get me off this ride! Time is just spinning too fast! OK, breathe in, breathe out. SLOW-LY… And let’s focus on fashion — that mythical

The Internet of fashion is hard-wired on pumping out newness on a weekly basis, in the hopes of hacking the algorithm and making yourself (or your brand) relevant. TikTok, where now mostly every mega and niche trend is born and

Like any means of communication, clothing has its own set of codes which also transmit social signals. Essentially, ideologies, wealth and political statements are usually transmitted through dress. The fashion system is not static, and as society and interests evolve

First things first: The hottest new look on and off the runway, and one of the most controversial fashion statements of the year, has nothing to do with going commando. In fact, wide, full coverage briefs are the required pièce

No, you’re not imagining things.  Denim has really taken over most runways and racks in online and IRL shops, of late. It comes in many colours, shades and degrees of fade. It’s worn in dark washes, super pale, or dishevelled

The search for the ultimate T-shirt is as elusive as finding a couture gown at a flea market. Difficult, but not impossible. Ironically, the simpler the garment, the most important the tiniest details become. To produce the absolutely best-fitting T-shirt

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