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Anna Pacitto’s stellar career in the hairdressing industry is not merely a tale of professional accomplishments; it’s a narrative woven with threads of passion, creativity,

Hans Koechling is the founder and creative director of The Image Is, a Montreal-based production company that specializes in fashion shows and consulting. With over

Marika D’Auteuil is a Canadian makeup artist who has made a name for herself in the fashion and beauty industry with her innovative and artistic

Caroline Bernier is from Montreal, but a stellar career in beauty and fashion has taken her everywhere in the world where she has produced, directed,

Jenny Bird is not your typical jewelry designer. She is a self-taught entrepreneur who started her label with handbags in 2008, then switched to jewelry

Joseph Mimran is a Canadian fashion designer and entrepreneur who has created several successful brands and retail concepts, such as Club Monaco, Alfred Sung, Caban,

Lise Watier is one of the most successful and influential businesswomen in Canada. She is the founder of Lise Watier Cosmétiques, a prestigious cosmetic company

We live in a world where likes and followers on social media are the new form of currency, validating a person or a brand’s worth

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